ETIAS Renewal

Once the traveller has been issued the ETIAS European visa, it will be valid for three consecutive years. When it’s still valid, the ETIAS visa holder may submit a new application online for the renewal of their travel authorization after the duration of the three-year validity. It is possible to submit a renewal up to 91 days before the expiry date of the valid European Visa Waiver.

The ETIAS Central system will automatically inform the applicant that their authorization is becoming expired by sending an email to the applicant’s existing email address. This alert for the expiration date will be notified exactly 91 days before the authorization’s expiry date. If desired, then the Visa holder can apply a new authorization by filling a new application online and submitting it. The decision of the application shall be announced no more than 96 hours after the application has been submitted. Only if the application is lacking requested information or the applicant is invited to an interview the period of 96 hours is prolonged. Such application must be resolved no longer than 96 hours of the requested information has been submitted or 48 hours after the interview has taken place.


This processing will grant the authorizations (European Visa waivers) to the applicants. It is estimated that a substantial number of applicants will receive an accepting decision of the application. If an application is rejected, it will not be based just upon the automatic processing. If a hit, or alert is detected the application will be checked out manually.

The website and the mobile application will be widely available and free of charge to everyone. All languages of the Member States of ETIAS Travel Authorization System will be available on both, the website and mobile application. Most of the authorizations, both new and renewals should be processed within minutes. If the renewal is issued, the European Travel Authorization (ETIAS) will be valid for another three consecutive years.